Terms and Conditions

For our guests with dogs


  1. We welcome up to two well behaved small to medium dogs, or one large dog in Kione Turrys only.
  2. Please note that dogs are not allowed upstairs.
  3. If pets want to be on the furniture, kindly ensure that a cover is place on the leather suite to save any scratches.
  4. We prefer young dogs not to be left alone in the cottage. You know your dogs best so kindly ensure that they do not get stressed when being left in a strange place.
  5. The back courtyard has artificial grass and please do not allow your dog to use as a toilet.
  6. In the back yard there is a warm water doggie shower provided in the courtyard. Please help yourself to the doggie towels left under the stairs.
    7. We appreciate being advised of any damage done as soon as possible so that we may fix the problem prior to your departure.
  7.  There are plenty of areas just a few minutes walk from the cottage where your dogs can exercise your dogs. Fennella beach is dog friendly all year round. The Headlands has a large field where dogs are allowed off their leads. Please do pick up after your pets and there are bins provided around the town.

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